Palestinian Prisoners Under Israeli Administrative Detention Continue Long, Brutal Hunger Strikes

“There’s no judicial system to try them fairly. There’s no party inside prison that can share their demands. So the sole item that [the Palestinian prisoners] can use to protest and fight for their rights is their bodies.” — Addameer spokeswoman Milena Ansari

RAMLA, HISTORIC PALESTINE — Palestinian prisoner Miqdad al-Qawasmeh has entered his 86th day on hunger strike. He is overcome with weakness and can’t move from his hospital bed, not even to shower or use the bathroom. He suffers from joint, kidney, head, bone, muscular and abdominal pain. He has trouble speaking and has lost more than 75 pounds.

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Burned in Car Fire, Falsely Accused of Terrorism, Palestinian Mother Imprisoned without Medical Care

“This is all part of the deliberate medical neglect policy that the Israeli occupation uses. They don’t feel like they have an obligation toward Palestinian detainees and prisoners regarding their health care.” — Milena Ansari, Addameer

Israa Jaabis Feature photo

OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM — In 2018, Palestinian prisoner Israa Jaabis appeared in court to appeal her sentence. Israa had been convicted of attempted murder -- accused of blowing up her car near an Israeli military checkpoint -- and sentenced to 11 years in 2016. The car accident left her completely disfigured, with first-, second- and third-degree

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UN: Israel’s Handling of Palestinian Prisoners Amid COVID-19 “Discriminatory” “Violation of Int’l Law”

In hopes of reducing the risk of COVID-19 exposure for its Jewish population, the Israeli Prison Service approved the transfer of five hundred Israeli prisoners to house arrest, but have subsequently refused to provide the same for Palestinian prisoners.

Palestinians Covid19 Feature photo

Due to unequal Israeli policy prioritizing the rights of Israeli Jews over Palestinians, the novel coronavirus is asymmetrically threatening incarcerated Palestinians in Israeli prisons. This is causing international concern that the virus will spread like wildfire and infect the over 4,500 Palestinian prisoners living in dire conditions in

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Could a New Palestinian-Israeli Prisoner Exchange Be in the Works?

Various signs indicate that a prisoner exchange between Israel and Palestinian groups is drawing near. The question is, will Netanyahu unleash his winning political card now, or will he wait till later, when he needs it most? 

Israel prisoner exchange Feature Photo

For the first time since the Israeli war on Gaza in 2014, the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is signaling its willingness to engage in negotiations regarding the release of the bodies of two Israeli soldiers believed to be held by resistance groups in Gaza. But will another prisoner exchange similar to that of October 2011

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Palestinian Prisoners Day: Remembering Palestine’s Organic Intellectuals

To mark Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, MintPress brings you the introduction to Dr. Ramzy Baroud’s “These Chains Will Be Broken: Palestinian Stories of Struggle and Defiance in Israeli Prisons.”

Palestinians Prisoners Feature photo

April 17 officially marks Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, a day when the Palestinian people collectively remember the more than five thousand prisoners currently incarcerated in Israeli jails, many of them minors and many held without charge or trial. Few have been as tireless in advocating for these forgotten souls as Palestinian intellectual

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Strip Searches and Worse: Heba al-Labadi Among Palestinians Tortured in Israeli Prisons

Female prisoners say the mistreatment they experienced in Israeli prisons seemed often to involve sexual degradation and abuse.

Heba al-Labadi feature photo

On August 20, Heba Ahmed al-Labadi fell into the dark hole of the Israeli legal system, joining 413 Palestinian prisoners who are currently held in so-called administrative detention.  On September 26, Heba and seven other prisoners declared a hunger strike to protest their unlawful detention and horrific conditions in Israeli prisons. Among the

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