Shutting Down Israel’s Death Machine in Britain, with Three Activists Who Were There

“If loads of people locally decide that they are hellbent on stopping this weapons factory from functioning, it will stop. And that is the biggest story here.” – Adie Mormech, Manchester Palestine Action

On January 13, campaigners announced that, after years of popular pressure and direct action, Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit Systems had decided to bite the bullet and sell its factory located in Oldham in the northwest of England. A week later, there was another victory for the anti-war activists, as a British judge dismissed the case against

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Emma Watson, J.K. Rowling, and the Connections Between Hollywood and the National Security State, with Alan MacLeod

The Department of Defense has been involved in the production of over 800 movies and over 1,100 U.S. TV shows.

Both “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson and the book’s author, J.K. Rowling, have been courting controversy: the former for posting a message of solidarity with the Palestinian people on her official Instagram page; the latter after comedian Jon Stewart took her to task for the insensitive and antisemitic portrayal of goblins in her book and movie

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BDS at the Sydney Festival, with Jennine Khalik and Sara Saleh

If Israel’s name becomes toxic in the world of culture, the dam holding political change back might begin to break.

 Just hours before it is set to begin, dozens of acts are withdrawing from the prestigious Sydney Festival in protest of the event’s sponsorship by the Israeli Embassy. One group that has chosen to do so are Melbourne-based musicians Karate Boogaloo, who explained that: Boycotts and divestments have a strong track record of holding governments

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The Red Hill Disaster: Two Hawaiian Activists Discuss the Latest Episode in Two Centuries of Colonialism

“It’s not a government; it’s not a democracy; it’s essentially a mafia state run by terrorists who don’t hurt just Hawaii but indigenous peoples across the world.” – Ihilani Lasconia

 In November, a huge underground naval fuel storage facility at Red Hill near Honolulu burst, leaking 14,000 gallons of jet fuel, contaminating the water supply, poisoning scores of people and driving thousands of Hawaiian families from their homes. The state’s attorney general, David Day, has alleged that the military has essentially no

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American Gulag: Inside the U.S.’ Massive Prison System, with Chris Hedges

Of the 46th president, Hedges, who teaches in a prison in New Jersey, said, “Half of my students (or more) would not be in that classroom but for Joe Biden.”

Chris Hedges Incarceration Feature photo

 For a supposedly developed, democratic nation, the United States locks up an extraordinary number of its citizens. Close to one quarter of the world’s prison population is in the United States. Even on a per capita basis, only El Salvador and Turkmenistan come close to America’s preponderance for incarceration. In a country with a rising

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Manufacturing Contempt for Assange: How the Media Made WikiLeaks Founder into a Scapegoat

The Guardian was one of WikiLeaks’s partner organizations, being fed bombshell after bombshell, revelations that helped build its brand and its audience. Yet, far from standing up for free speech and an open society, it was in the lead in attacking WikiLeaks and its founder.

The High Court in London has upheld the U.S. government’s appeal to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a key step towards his rendition to the United States. The Australian publisher faces up to 175 years in prison once he sets foot on American soil. Whether he ever makes it to the United States is still in question. His legal team has

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